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Water Audits

Water AuditsConservation in the landscape industry relies on the intelligent use of our precious water resources. Since landscape professionals rely heavily on irrigation systems as a supplement to water that plants receive from rainfall, keeping these systems functioning properly is vital to water conservation. A common tool used to help determine if irrigation systems are working adequately is known in the industry as an irrigation audit.
An irrigation audit is an important process conducted to collect information and provide solutions about the uniformity of application, rate of precipitation, and overall condition of an irrigation system. Conservation of our natural resources in the landscape depends on intelligent use of irrigation systems. It is everyone’s responsibility to manage and use water efficiently for long-term sustainability.
At CAM Control, we value water preservation as water is one of the most important natural resources. Overwatering is a common problem among commercial properties. Overwatering is both wasteful and expensive.
To solve the problem of overwatering and to alleviate the concerns of waste and expense, CAM Control performs water audits. Following is a listing of the main objectives of our water audits:

  • Assess the historic water usage data of our maintained properties to compare the overall levels of water usage.
  • Create a realistic water budget goal by surveying the turf area and plant types.
  • Visually inspect the irrigation system for possible faults.
  • Evaluate for uniform water distribution.
  • Determine the landscape’s watering needs.
  • Review irrigation schedule.
  • Implement a test on the current irrigation system to ensure that it is functioning correctly and make necessary changes.
  • Field test each zone of the property’s irrigation system by measuring precipitation rate.
  • Utilize the collected data from the audit to create a waste-free, properly functioning irrigation system and keep the system maintained with frequent visits by our certified irrigation specialists.

Effective watering techniques and practices in are a serious matter and need to be considered in all landscaping maintenance. There are many beliefs when it comes to the time of day to irrigate your lawn, plants, and trees. Day or night watering is something to be considered for the life of your landscape as both have advantages and disadvantages to consider. Daytime watering in the summertime can cause scalding of your lawn, and nighttime watering, although believed to be the best time to water the lawn, may help to aggravate disease problems. Another consideration to the watering dilemma is that night irrigation helps in water conservation due to minimal evaporation when compared to daytime.
Let CAM Control and their trained professionals provide you with a solution to your irrigation needs through a qualified water audit at your commercial property.