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Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot StripingParking lot appearances are critical to your commercial property maintenance. It is also imperative to have your parking lots safe for drivers and pedestrians. CAM Control offers new parking lot striping, which is critical for the safety of your customers and the organization of your commercial property. Professional parking lot striping of your parking lots helps with increased efficiency, accident reduction, and they are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Crisp new lines create a new look which customers will equate to the professional, organized, clean look and feel of your business. We leave professional lines as we chalk all of our parking lot striping before painting to ensure quality.
CAM Control uses specialized machines to create the perfect layout for your parking lot. The parking lot and parking lot striping need to look professional as it is the first thing each customer sees at your commercial property.
As well as providing fresh commercial parking lot striping for all businesses, large and small, CAM Control can perform multiple parking lot tasks which include the following:

  • Striping new parking stalls
  • Re-striping existing parking stalls
  • Parking lot striping and marking with stencils ADA approved handicap stalls
  • Painted curbing
  • Painting directional arrows
  • Word stenciling
  • Number stenciling
  • Painted parking bumpers
  • Specialty stencils
  • Blacking out of old or unnecessary markings
  • Painting or repainting light pole bases
  • Installation of parking bumpers and speed bumps
  • Scraping of old paint

Americans with Disabilities Act – Parking Lots and Structures
Our parking lot striping service can assist with the Americans with Disabilities Act compliancy in your parking lot or structure. If your commercial parking lot is not ADA compliant, you may face a loss of business and possible fines. Let our parking lot striping professionals help you to determine the number of handicap parking stalls needed for your commercial lot and also determine the most accessible parking stalls for ease of your customers with disabilities. These stalls must be placed is the safest location for maneuvering from parking lots to businesses safely and efficiently.