A Single Source Solution Provider Delivering Commercial Property Maintenance Services

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn MaintenancePrecise lawn maintenance is essential for a beautiful, healthy lawn. This maintenance requires proper mowing techniques, irrigation, and fertilization from professional grounds maintenance companies. Experienced grounds maintenance services professionals are also essential. CAM Control can assure our clients the best care in lawn maintenance. Our professionals will always follow best practices when it comes to the care of your commercial property lawn.

Hedging & Trimming

Plant MaintenaceProper maintenance such as hedging and trimming are essential components to your landscape maintenance though professional grounds maintenance services with CAM Control. Our experts with their years of cultivation experience can help with decision making on plant placement, hedging, and trimming in all types of climates. This knowledge also allows our team to educate our clientele in on plant requirements, maintenance schedules, and property aesthetics. Grounds maintenance companies require experts, and our expert team is highly educated in understanding the requirements of these different plant species and prune according to the customer’s preference while staying within industry standards. With our grounds maintenance services, we also follow best practices to ensure correct maintenance to avoid stress on plants and to guard against disease and insect infestation. When it comes to grounds maintenance companies, look to CAM Control to help with all of your landscape needs.

Canopy Maintenance

Canopy MaintenanceCanopy maintenance is an important part of tree maintenance. At CAM Control, we maintain a light canopy of up to 7’ in height. We will trim branches of up to 2” in diameter to the height of 7’. Our tree maintenance professionals will also remove suckers at the base of the tree which will continue to grow and become unwanted branches.
An important aspect of canopy maintenance is to keep sidewalks, walkways, and parking areas safe for pedestrians and property by helping to reduce conditions that could place people or property at risk. At CAM Control, we trim tree canopies for the utmost in safety to reduce your liability.
Regular pruning by CAM Control should be performed to reduce the chances of risk caused by dead, detached, or damaged branches. Trimming canopies also keeps your commercial property in a more presentable and aesthetically pleasing state for your clients and tenants.