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turf fertilizationCAM Control understands that the best turf maintenance programs use a combination of techniques, including proper organic fertilizers for lawn fertilization to provide conditions for a healthy lawn. Our professionals can perform soil analyses to ensure that the proper amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are being applied. In general, managing high-traffic areas on commercial properties requires more frequent lawn fertilization at lower rates than more typical turf areas.
Lawn fertilization services occur in the summer for certain turf species and in the winter for other turf species. Having proper turf fertilizer and timely lawn fertilization practices promote the health and stability of a lawn along with ensuring vibrant greens. Our professionals use different blends of fertilizers throughout the year depending on the type of grass, condition of the soil, and weather conditions.
Winter turf fertilization occurs on a monthly basis whenever necessary. Soil testing is an important first step that provides guidelines for turf fertilization, but there are many other aspects that are used in the determination of how much fertilizer to be used, such as the species of the turf, soil conditions, how turf is managed, and how the site is used. At CAM Control, our professionals understand that some lawns require more nourishing than others, so our experienced technicians will monitor lawn growth and conduct turf fertilization as necessary. By using advanced organic fertilizer for lawns, our professionals facilitate healthy growth of the different turf varieties on your property.
Dollar for dollar, it should be noted that turf fertilization does more to improve poor-quality turfgrass or to maintain good-quality turfgrass than any other management practice. Proper turf fertilization practices assist in producing a dense, medium- to dark-green turf that not only is attractive but resists pests and environmental stresses.
Proper lawn fertilization application techniques by qualified technicians are necessary when utilizing fertilizer. These techniques require that precise amounts of nutrients are delivered to the lawn. If not measured and calculated correctly, these careless application techniques or excessive amounts of fertilizer applied at the wrong time of year can result in serious turf damage. Contamination of water resources can also occur. Successful turf maintenance requires that you assess the nutritional requirements of your turf, understand fertilizers, know how much to apply and when, and use proper application techniques of the fertilizer. Let CAM Control take the work and worry out of keeping your commercial property adequately fertilized.