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Backflow Testing

Backflow-TestingIt is a good practice and can also be a city and/or state compliance issue to conduct annual backflow testing of your irrigation system. Backflow testing helps to ensure that unsafe water does not reverse flow and enter the clean water supply. CAM Control has on its staff certified irrigation technicians that provide reliable backflow testing and repairs. Regularly scheduled backflow maintenance and backflow testing keep your property in compliance with applicable codes and helps to minimize your liability.

To ensure quick and thorough service in relation to backflow testing for required compliance on your property, CAM Control has the position of backflow devices on all properties recorded by mapping through GPS. We feel it is important to proactively test each property to ensure that our clients are complying with any applicable statutes. Annual backflow testing and tracking is considered complete when CAM Control reports not only to our clients but also to the water department on your behalf when necessary with the backflow testing dates and backflow testing results as recorded by our certified technicians.