​​Beautiful And Healthy Lawns Entail Hours Of Effort And Professional Care. Mowing, Fertilizing, And Watering Are All Necessary To The Upkeep Of Your Commercial Property Landscape. Also Very Important Is The Periodic Aeration Of Your Lawn To Ensure That Nutrients Reach The Soil Beneath The Grass. As You Will Discover, Aeration Of Your Lawn Is A Practice That Is Beneficial For A Beautiful Lawn.
Aeration Of Your Lawn Is Described As The Mechanical Creation Of Holes In The Soil Which Removes Small Plugs Of Thatch And Helps To Improve Natural Soil Aeration. Mechanical Aeration Provides The Best Means Of Correcting And Alleviating Soil Compaction As Aeration Perforates The Soil To Allow Such Items As Nutrients, Water, And Air To Penetrate To The Roots Of The Grass. The Roots Will Then Grow Deeper, Allowing For A Stronger, More Beautiful, And Healthier Lawn.

Aeration Is Vital For A Healthy And Aesthetically Pleasing Lawn As It Allows Air And Water To Penetrate The Lawn For Soil Cultivation And To Alleviate Soil Compaction. This Process Is Most Commonly Called “Core Aeration.” CAM Control Recommends That Lawn Aeration Be Done Annually In The Spring To Provide The Best Results. Our Technicians Provide All The Necessary Tools, Equipment, And Expertise For Professional Lawn Aeration.
Let CAM Control Help You Determine If Your Lawn Needs Aeration. Even A Small Amount Of Compaction Can Impede Water Infiltration, Penetration Of Nutrients, And Gaseous Exchange Between The Atmosphere And Soil On Your Commercial Property.

Your Lawn May Be A Good Candidate For Aeration If Any Of The Following Describe Your Lawn And Its Use:

  • Heavy Use For Individuals
  • Lawn Is Spongy And Dries Out Easily
  • In Its Inception, Your Lawn Was Established By Sod

With The Expertise Of CAM Control, The Health And Growth Of Your Grass Cover Can Be Improved Through Aeration. Our Professionals Will Explain To You All The Important Aspects Related To Aeration. We Can Also Provide Information About Different Lawn Aeration Techniques Beneficial For Properties In Any Region.

There Are Many Benefits Of Lawn Aeration. Some Of These Benefits Are As Follows:

  • Improved Air Exchange Between The Soil Under Your Lawn And The Atmosphere
  • Enhanced Water Uptake In Your Soil
  • Reduction In Water Puddling
  • Improved Rooting Of Your Turf
  • Helps In The Reduction Of Soil Compaction
  • Causes Enrichment To The Surface Soil Under Your Lawn
  • Fertilizer Uptake And Use To Be Enhanced
  • Enhanced Stress Tolerance
  • Increased Thatch Breakdown
  • Improvement To The Resiliency And Cushioning Of Your Lawn